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our sultana vines
Hi and welcome to Feminine Fusion.

I am Leoni Nicholson and live and work on our dried grape property in rural Victoria, close to the Mighty Murray River with my husband 'blockie Steve'. My surroundings are often inspiration for my creations, taking in the colours, shapes and textures around me.
love my 1950's mixmaster
Our three kids have now all left home to pursue their dreams in the big smoke. I am very family orientated and love to be involved in my children and grandchildren's lives. I am also an avid vintage collector, especially tea cups.
vintage American Beauty adorned with a Christmas earring
I now have more time to pursue my love of crafting. My crafty pursuits include sewing, organic skincare making and handcrafted jewellery. Jewellery crafting  is my main focus right now and I love working with natural elements like silver, copper, gemstones and pearls, and  the colour of crystals and glass to create feminine wearable jewellery. If I were to describe my style it would be 'feminine fusion' and am constantly developing my own style and skill level. I  prefer to make only a few pieces the same rather than replicate over and over, because  I like to go with my natural design flow.

I am passionate about Australian made and grown and hope that we can all do our part in buying and creating Australian made products. It has to be great for our country and our own sense of national pride. There is nothing nicer than wearing something that has been crafted in Australia by one of our many talented crafters, artists and designers.
'3 Angelic Sisters' made as a tribute to my two sisters
Leoni Nicholson
the track down to the river disappeared in the flood

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