Monday, 23 April 2012

Is Kindness Outdated?

reach out to someone in need today

Have you ever been in a really bad place (ill, sad, depressed, scared or worried) and have tried to reach out and come up against a wall of indifference? This happens to people every day when they seek advise from a doctor, friend, relative etc, It really isn't that difficult to be kind in your everyday life.
Kindness costs nothing and yet many measure how good they are in monetary and success values. How wrong they are, we are all flesh and blood after all. You only have to give a little kindness to reap the rewards one hundred fold, no matter what your belief system is. I think we should have a world kindness day if there isn't one already. I would love to hear your comments and experiences.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Bird nests

natural jade coloured gemstone'eggs' on twisted hemp  twine with solid copper rosebeads and toggle
Hello everyone,
I have broken the drought and started to play around with some jewellery ideas and here is a preview of cuteness to come. These just are dripping with charm. Let me know what you think of these trial ones I made last night. They have been hand worked in copper wire except the first practice one I did out of zinc plated silver wire. I so enjoyed making these that I am thinking of doing a range in copper and sterling silver filled wire in the coming weeks. Your input would be appreciated.
cheers :)
three little birdie nests all in a row

natural gemstone 'eggs' on organza and hemp with solid copper toggle clasp

fresh water pearl 'eggs' on solid copper snake chain with hand made toggle clasp

and that's the bloomin' lot!